Bridal Shopping Tips

We recommend you bring no more than three guests to the appointment. We can accommodate more on certain days. If there is someone in your team who can't be left out, please let us know beforehand and we will try to fit you all in!

If you plan to visit the boutique on a Saturday please book in advance

What not to do 

We kindly ask not to wear any fake tans or bronzers, make up is perfectly fine.


We all love little ones but bridal shopping and children do not work well together. Unfortunately we are unable to accommodate children in our store, this is for your own comfort and that of the other customers. 

Mobile phones

Put your phones away and be present!!

There are ample images of all our wedding dresses online When you look at photo's again you won't remember the thrill or emotion you felt in the dress.

Trust your instincts.

What to Bring?

Wear a good fitting bra, and nude seam free underwear.


Don’t forget to chat to us about fittings and alterations-they are an important part of the process.